United Airlines


ICON has been working with United Airlines since 2006 to help the carrier manage issues and sustain its reputation as a leading international airline operating on the trans-Pacific route, one of the most strategic and important for the airline.


The agency has been co-ordinating a media relations campaign focused on generating awareness of United’s passenger services and helping it build relationships with key travel and aviation media.

To achieve this, ICON has leveraged international executive visits to communicate United’s customer services and its global growth strategy.

We have also worked with the airline's partners to co-ordinate familiarisation trips to destinations which promote United's services.

ICON has also provided strong issues management support on an ongoing basis for situations arising in-flight or on-the-ground.

We have also worked with United’s crisis management team in the US, its regional HQ in Hong Kong and the local office in Sydney by providing counsel to manage any issue, reduce media fallout and protect the airline’s reputation.


ICON has generated strong ongoing media coverage for the airline and has leveraged key opportunities to help enhance the carrier's reputation.

For example, the agency managed a national media tour for the airline's Graham Atkinson, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, attracting editors and journalists from key travel and aviation outlets around the country.

Extensive coverage was generated as a result across key publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Travel Daily & E-Travel Blackboard.