When Thermomix got into hot water, ICON implemented its tailored crisis response program in order to manage Thermomix consumer outrage and decrease the damage to the popular's brands bottom line

Thermomix Crisis Response


Thermomix, the almost cult-like kitchen appliance experienced severe global backlash within 48 hours of releasing its new TM5 model in September of 2014 which began on social media and swiftly spread to mainstream media.

An ICON team was briefed and travelled to the Perth head office to mitigate and reverse the damage to both the global brand and the product. We were tasked with providing a plethora of crisis management solutions to the company’s: internal and external communication channels, strategic counsel to key national and international stakeholders as well as implementing essential logistical processes.


ICON implemented a community management process, opening all communication channels and ‘took over’ all social media platforms with the goal of reducing the outrage of customers and speaking directly to those affected. The processes and documents produced by ICON were used as templates to mitigate the issue globally and ICON’s counsel was sought daily from head office.

During ICON’s involvement we managed the initial issue of the TM5’s release, the national distribution of the green sealing rings to customers, extensive media enquiries and the honour of receiving the 2014 Shonky Award!


The logistical frameworks ICON established resulted in the negative sentiment which began at 94% being reduced to approximately 10% which is the point at which we handed over. The established community management strategies and materials developed by ICON are still being used by the company and our involvement which allowed the company with ‘business as usual’ resulted in the largest sales margins experienced globally after the launch of the new model.

“During the last quarter of 2014 we had the pleasure of working with the ICON team who supported us during an extremely difficult time for our brand. One of the main aspects of their support and guidance was in the area of Social Media. This included monitoring and advising of changing trends towards our brand through to specific advice on particular posts. There was also the proactive preparation for FAQ’s and strategy around brand protection. Our Social Media incorporated Facebook, twitter and our own community sites. We would have no hesitation in recommending the ICON team.”

Garry Rodd, Executive Manager - Commercial
Thermomix in Australia and New Zealand