Nestle Confectionery


The launch of Nestle Double Blend Chocolate marked one of the largest national launches for the confectionery company and required the development of a creative and break-through public relations campaign to attract the attention of a crowded market and bring the new product to the attention of consumers and trade audiences alike.


ICON worked closely with the brand and marketing team to develop a fully integrated program to encourage consumer trial of the product.

We helped promote the "indulgent qualities" of Nestle Double Blend through the development of a theme based around the concept of rolling out the red carpet.

We then brought this theme to life through a unique program of promotional initiatives, such as tuxedo-wearing waiters serving consumers product samples from red carpets on the streets of high traffic areas across Australia.

Competitions and giveaways were also organised across a variety of media channels offering consumers the chance to win a red carpet shopping spree.

Additionally, the theme was extended to the media relations program where chocolate drops were arranged to allow key radio and print media the chance to sample the chocolate first-hand and go in the draw to win tickets to their own special "red-carpet" events.


The creativity of the campaign ensured the new product launch cut through the cluttered Australian confectionery market and encouraged strong consumer trial of the product with significant media exposure and broad public and trade awareness.

Nestle Confectionery rated the launch one of the most successful and high profile the company had undertaken in recent years. Trial of the product exceeed expectations and repeat purchase levels helped drive sales beyond initial targets.