Mount Franklin Positive Pink Ribbon Pilates


Raise awareness around Mount Franklin's Diamond Sponsorship of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) during Pink Ribbon Month and create standout from the "Pink Crowd" to help make Mount Franklin the credible pink choice among consumers.


To celebrate Mount Franklin's third year partnership with the NBCF, ICON recommended creating a tangible event to highlight the importance of breast cancer research and encourage all Australian's to think and act positively throughout October. For the first time on Australian shores, program founder, US certified exercise physiologist and breast cancer survivor, Doreen Puglisi helped 'Mount Franklin' launch the Positive Pink Ribbon Pilates Program, aiming to help Australians achieve a positive outlook for the future

The program took form as a roadshow across the country, visiting 9 cities in 8 days. As part of the initiative, Doreen Puglisi also trained an Australian Pilates instructor in the program, to ensure her legacy would continue once she returned to the USA.

ICON also produced a DVD series aiming to bring the Positive Pink Ribbon Pilates Program and Mount Franklin into homes across the country. The first segment was available as a gift with the purchase of a 600ml bottle of Mount Franklin water in selected CALTEX stations throughout October.  The second and third segments were available via the branded website via a downloadable link.


To ensure the legacy of the Positive Pink Ribbon Pilates program lives on, Liz Millard, from the Liz Millard Physiotherapy & Exercise Studio, has been trained in the program, and continues to build her networks of clients across Australia.

The Positive Pink Ribbon Pilates Program visited 9 cites in 8 days with strong attendance and media presence at each of the events. The campaign resulted in 53 pieces of editorial coverage across print, online and broadcast mediums with a total reach of 10,868,732 - all positive in tone.